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Wool fiber is naturally more resilient than synthetic. As a result, wool will not matt or crush like synthetic fibers will.

Wool has a natural ability to shed water; an important characteristic considering that 80% of carpet stains are water-based.

Resist static electricity.

Wool fiber is made up of overlapping scales, arranged much like roof shingles, in an upward fashion. This natural arrangement keeps small particles of dirt near the surface where it can be easily released by vacuuming. Another benefit of this arrangement aids in wool's ability to resist wear and tear from abrasion. A completely natural and renewable product. For more information we recommend visiting Wool Safe

wool carpet


care & maintenance 

Man Vacuuming

We recommend vacuuming wool carpets at least once per week with a suction only vacuum, or a vacuum with a rotating brush using the highest setting. 

We also recommend professional cleaning to ensure your wool carpets are always looking and feeling their best. Even if there are no visible signs that your wool carpets are dirty, having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned approximately once every one to two years will ensure that your investment stays beautiful for years to come.


yak wool 

Yak wool comes from the coats of yaks. Yaks have long shaggy hair and a thick wool undercoat. The undercoat is the most desirable for manufacturing into material.

Yak wool is naturally brown in colour and tends to have a higher sheen than regular wool. This sheen gives the fibres a fine cashmere texture and look. 

Yak wool has similar properties to other natural fibres, such as breath-ability, static resistance and stain resistance.  

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