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Extreme Green Carpeting

In the context of growing global environmental consciousness, we are pleased to introduce a new carpet produced with 100% renewable resources, based on bio-sustainability. Although products with a Wool or natural pile are fairly "green", this particular manufacturer strived to go even further to achieve a "green" and environmentally friendly product. Thus began their search for arguably "one of the greenest carpets ever produced".

With a background as one of the leading manufacturers of natural woollen carpets they set a mission to continue evolving and producing products that are more and more sustainable. The manufacturer spent years searching for the right materials in order to produce a sustainable and 100% natural carpet. "Extreme Green" is made from wool which is not only 100% natural, but also has terrific properties and is extremely suitable for carpets.

The manufacturer has used a 100% woollen pile material, undyed and untreated, derived from its reliable partners who breed white, dark brown and black coloured sheep. This wool is then mixed with ecru New-Zealand wool to achieve the 5 all natural colours available of "Extreme Green".

The most difficult part of creating a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product is that of producing the backing material. The manufacturer has created a backing which consists of jute and cotton as well as a secondary jute backing that meets even the most severe emission standards (Nearly no VOC-emissions). Cooperation between the carpet manufacturer and latex-compound manufacturers led to the discovery of a latex compound based on natural latex ; A latex with natural characteristics that meets all the necessary wear and appearance standards.

Development of this amazingly beautiful and environmentally friendly product took over 1 year, and included a rigorous testing and trial processes.

The wool used is not treated with any chemicals, the primary backing is woven with jute and cotton yarns, both being vegetable renewable resources. The secondary backing is a natural latex from the rubber tree and the cloth is also jute. What carpet can be more natural than this?

This carpet is perfect for the environmentally conscious consumer looking to make "green" purchases in an attempt to pursue a more sustainable world. This floor covering choice provides a carpet made of 100% renewable resources and is biodegradable and compostable.

New Products and Information

Manhattan Collection
Manhattan & Silk Garden Collection
  • Hand embossed gives dramatic 3-dimensional effect
  • Ultra-Luxury, Extraordinarily soft, velvety texture
  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Broadloom or Area Rugs
Extreeme Green Carpeting
Extreme Green Carpeting

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